Projects & Partnerships

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

The CCRC works to achieve full implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Canada and globally. JFCY was a founding member of CCRC and a JFCY lawyer has continually been on the CCRC Board since it’s inception. For information about CCRC’s work, visit:

LAWS Program

JFCY is a partner with The University of Toronto, Faculty of Law and the Toronto District SchoolBoard (TDSB) who have established Canada’s first law-and-justice-themed high school program, in two downtown Toronto high schools – Central Technical School and Harbord Collegiate Institute. The LAWS program is expected to increase high school completion rates among students and encourage them to go on to college or university. Many of the high school students participating in the LAWS program are from diverse backgrounds and opportunities, and will be the first in their families to have an opportunity to consider a higher education. Justice for Children and Youth has provided training workshops and public legal education materials for law students participating in the program as well as students at the participating high schools. More information can be found at

You’re Right! It’s the Law!

Training in youth criminal justice law and education lawin the Thunder Bay area. Involving youth workers in all areas of the project, art and social networking is used as a medium in face-to-face training workshops along with web-based trainings. This project is supported by the Law Foundation of Ontario’s Connecting Communities fund; and the partners are Justice for Children and Youth, Thunder Bay Multicultural Council, Urban Aboriginal Strategy, Thunder Bay Friendship Centre, and the Human Rights Legal Support Centre.

Campaign to Stop Police Carding

After over 2 years of community meetings and deputations to the Toronto Police  Services Board, our Campaign to Stop Police Carding partnered with the Law Union of Ontario to submit an application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to ultimately stop the policing practice of targeting, stopping questioning individuals with no apparent cause. A disproportionate amount of individuals stopped are young Black and Brown coloured males or members from other  visible minority groups. This practice is discriminatory and must be stopped. The Law Union of Ontario and the Human Rights Legal Support Centre is committed to working with  individuals who have been stopped for no apparent reason (other than the colour of their skin) and who are willing to make a stand to bring about an end to this discriminatory policing strategy.

If you (as an individual who has been unfairly stopped, questioned and ‘Carded’ by the Toronto Police) are interested  in working with the Law Union of Ontario and the Human Rights Legal Support Centre in appealing to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to have this practice stopped, please email:

Campaign website –

Education Law Project

JFCY and The Advocates Society work together with Pro Bono Law Ontario to increase the availability of trained and experienced lawyers to help young people with education cases. For information about this project and Pro Bono Law Ontario, visit: