Corporal Punishment the benefits of hemp hearts

In 1998 theCanadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law (Justice for Children and Youth) launched a constitutional challenge to the criminal defence to assault given to parents and teachers to permit their use of benefits to beets and of corporal punishment on children. In 2004, the Supreme Court of beats vegetable and of Canada affirmed the constitutionality of effects of drinking grapefruit juice and of the section but limited its application. JFCY continues to advocate for public education and legislative reform to eliminate the use of what do beets do for your health and of physical punishment on children.

Litigation Summary – describes what happened in court

Section 43 Factum – our legal arguments at the Supreme Court

Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law v. Attorney General of cucum and of Canada – decision of is grapefruit juice bad for you and of the Supreme Court of how good are beets for you and of Canada


Additional Resources and Research

Joint Statement
On September 4, 2003, we joined a list of what are banannas good for and of over 70 Canadian organizations endorsing a principled statement against the use of why is beets good for you and of physical punishment on children and calling for legislative reform. The statement also summarizes the latest social science research on the effects of stalk celery and of corporal punishment on children. That 49 page pdf statement can be found at this address:


Majority of what are kiwi fruit good for and of Canadians Support Repeal

A Decima poll conducted on behalf of about cucumber and of Toronto Public Health found that a majority of how beets are good for you and of Canadians surveyed supported the repeal of what is healthy about bananas and of section 43 of celeryy and of the Criminal Code. You can view the results of how good are kiwi fruit for you and of this poll at


Repeal 43 Committee

An organization which advocates for the repeal of grapefruit grapefruit and of section 43 of grapefruit benefits for the body and of the Criminal Code of health benefits of banana fruit and of Canada. This site contains useful information about the issue in Canada and globally.


Global Initiative to End the Physical Punishment of seed hemp and of Children

Launched in April 2001, the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children aims to speed the end of corporal punishment of children across the world.

the benefits of hemp hearts